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International air travel has also witnessed a great upsurge in recent times Presently, there are as many as 132 airports in India, which includes 24 international airports.

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India Travel Information and Travel Guide


There’s no denying India Travel can be a major culture shock, especially on your first indian visit. It’s a huge and bewildering country, with many different religions, customs and cultures, and cities that roar with traffic and bustle with activity non-stop.

India is a wonderful country having ample diversity with different cultures, religions, climates and landscapes that attracts numerous visitors around the world. The discerning traveller can visit India and experience the marvelousness of Taj Mahal, glory of Rajasthan forts, spectacular beaches in Goa, stunning snow covered mountains, the scintillating sand dunes and many more. This very nature and diversity suggest that the travellers should have the complete travel guide on India before embarking on a life time experience that awaits them.

India packs a lot into a massive space, and you'll never have time to see all off it on one trip. Think about what interests you, what you like doing and how much time you have, and organize your trip accordingly. Be realistic about how much you can fit in. Rather than trying to see the whole country, you may get more out of your trip if you concentrate on the south of the country, or on the north or East.

For the discerning tourist visiting India, it is essential (for him or her) to have not only comprehensive travel information on India but also should look for the services of a capable, honest and knowledgeable tourist guide. Equipped with such up to date information and guidance, the discerning traveller can explore India without any hassle and less spending. Essentially, he or she can find affordable and comfortable accommodation rather than staying at traditionally popular and expensive luxurious hotels and motels located close to the tourist hot spots. More importantly, he or she can discover India at an affordable price while experiencing his or her stay as a truly life time or a memorable one.

The India travel information is readily available on numerous web sites. Such web sites could help the traveller to India to get comprehensive information on various aspects of India travel. More specifically, they can get the latest information on famous cities and destinations, the popular tourist and adventure spots, the hotels, the famous religious and worshipping places, the cultural events, shopping, foods, transportation and more importantly the weather and climatic conditions prevailing across India.

Similarly, any visitor to India should know where to get such accurate information on India travel. Such information is readily available on numerous websites operated by Indian Government and popular tourist and travel operators. Such essential travel Information or travel guidelines provide useful facts and figures (or first-hand information) on numerous tourist hot spots and other tourist interests in India.

Besides above, one should not forget to pick-up pamphlets and brochures that are available at various tourist information centres, or travel desks or hotels and airports. These pamphlets and brochures will certainly give specific information on particular place of travel.

While exploring India, the selective traveller should not forget to enjoy Indian food. India is so diverse, each nook and corner in India has many types of culinary experiences that are on offer for the discerning visitor. For example, many travel guides give plenty of information on most popular native cuisines and associated popular restaurants located at any particular tourist destination. So there are many food choices are on offer for the traveller to satisfy his or her taste buds.

By having ample information on India travel, any visitor can plan beforehand, his or her entire visit while satisfying his or her specific requirements. More specifically:

  • He can select the best itinerary or plan his entire stay in India while travelling through numerous states and cities.
  • He or she can find the most suitable and affordable lodging and travelling ideas. In essence, India has affordable and friendly accommodation choices such as five star hotels, luxury motels and other cheap and budget lodges. Therefore, one can select the appropriate accommodation that suits his or her purse.
  • Based on the information given on diverse climatic condition prevailing in India such as extreme hot to humid to extreme cold, he or she can decide beforehand, what type of clothes that they he or she should carry. This is all depends on the place (where it lies either hot or cold area) he or she intends to visit.
  • As India travel guides suggest, anyone visiting India should learn few Hindi words that will immensely helpful when travelling in India.
  • India tourist guide or information will help any discerning tourist to take a well informed decision on the places he or she wants to travel based not only on cultural, historical, and religious values but also on adventure and excitement.

Hence, India travel information or travel guide is a necessary feature that guides discriminating visitor or traveller who is looking for a memorable and exciting travelling expedition in India.

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