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Tips to Save Money While Visiting India

India is a country with diversity varying from mountainous areas in the north to sandy beaches in the south. Similarly, the widely varying topography and weather (from cold to warm) across the country and exotic and rare fauna and flora make India a unique tourist destination for many discerning visitors. Also, India has a wonderful history that depicts many ancient dynasties with spectacular murals and monuments.

Culturally diverse India has many states which are divergent in terms of language, costumes, cuisines and folk music. Similarly, when one visits the contemporary cities such as Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay) and Kolkata (Calcutta), One can see India in a context of unique mix of new and old architecture.

Besides above, India is one of the well-liked tourist destinations in the world. Due to this vide diversity of features; many visitors are attracted to India for various reasons. For example, any visitor has many things to see ranging from spectacular snow-capped peaks on Himalayas to the arid state Rajasthan with all majesty and charm to the white sandy beaches of Goa to the unspoiled backwaters of Kerala, to the unique wildlife sanctuaries and many more.

For the discerning visitors have many food choices to select. For example, he or she can try out various authentic cuisines that are unique to regions such as Punjabi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Muglai, Konkan, Goan and Tamil. Also there are many shopping opportunities available for the visitor. The handicrafts, textiles, jewellery, clothing and paintings are amply available at affordable prices for everyone.

This shows that while in India, anyone has so much to see and do as such; planning a vacation may be a difficult one. Before embarking on visiting India, careful planning the trip and timing will save lot of money when visiting India. Following money saving tips will certainly help anyone who intends to visit India:

Speak to a several tour operators who can provide you customized packages that cover several destinations in a single trip. In essence, selecting a package, you can have the maximum fun at a shortest time and at an affordable price. These tour operators can provide you customized tour packages that meet your requirements such as pilgrimage tours, site seeing tours, cultural expeditions and adventure sports and many more. By using such packaged tours one can, not only see more places but also have more convenience as these packages cover accommodation, travel and meal expenses.

Anyone can save lot of money if he or she travels during off tourist season in India. He or she can even afford a luxury hotel as the hotel rates are most often slashed during off tourist season. In essence, if anyone can skip the peak tourist season starting from October through March, he or she can see many places in India at much cheaper price. Also, make a note of the Indian festive holidays (such as Diwali, Hindu & Tamil New year, Christmas) when the prices of hotel accommodation, air travel seem to be high. Hence, the best time for budget conscious traveller is between April and September while avoiding the monsoons.

Always try to book flights in advance. In other words, most of the domestic airlines offer discounts for advance reservations. In some cases, you have the option to bargain for the best deal. Also, note the air fares tend to increase towards the peak season and usually double the off season prices. Hence, it's better to book the flights at least one month ahead.

Select a mid-day flights which are generally cheaper than early morning and evening flights. This is because most of the business travellers prefer travelling either in the early morning or evening flights. Consequently, the fares tend to increase against such high demand periods.

Best deals (for the budget traveller in India) are package tours which combine flight and hotel accommodation deals. Also, such tour packages are so customized, one can select tour package covering multiple destinations and flights.

Use cheap transportation such as trains and buses. It is well known, Indian Railways is one of the best ways to travel across India for the budget conscious visitor. Also do not forget to inquire train tour packages offered by the Indian Railways.

Be conscious of your cost of meals. It is known that food available in luxury hotels seemed to be expensive. Select a hotel which provides bed and breakfast in its room rent. Also, see whether the selected hotel offer free buffet breakfast.

Staying in Indian mega cities is turn out to be very expensive. In particular, the hotel accommodation in Mumbai or Delhi will cost anyone at least US$100 per night. Hence, going rural, the budget conscious traveller can save a lot. There are well known tour operators which operate in rural tourism niche markets. These rural setting are ideal for tourists who are looking for backpacking or outdoor adventures. By following above simple tips, the budget conscious traveller to India can save money in a smart way.

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